The Vostok-Mebel factory is engaged in production and sale of kitchens per online store — there is a wide choice of various options to services of clients which can be discussed by all family without leaving the house, choosing furniture in any time, which is convenient for you!


Kitchen is not only the place where you cook food and have a snack. Here all family members gather at a table: to communicate, share the impressions for last day, make plans for the future... However, the majority of kitchens in the Russian apartments can't brag of the impressive metric area therefore useful space here as good as gold, and we have a wide experience in the solution of such problems. If you are those lucky who has a spacious room –it is anyway good.


The Vostok-Mebel factory offers the customers a wide choice of kitchen furniture models of stylish European design, for every taste and for any size of the room.
We fill up the range with new inventions constantly and we sell kitchens only of high quality as we apply the latest technologies in production, we use the modern equipment and materials, controlling all technological process at each production phase strictly.


The kitchen furniture of our factory is made not for one year. Our products are not only beautiful and convenient — they are also safe and functional.

Buying complete kitchens in our online store, you receive the thing perfectly balanced on quality and style, functionality and good quality. We put skill and long-term experience in each kitchen created at our factory, including our inspiration and imagination. As a result there is a safe assistant in your house, a practical detail of an interior which would remain actual and fashionable for many years.


If you have any questions, you only should call, and our professional managers (the link to addresses of salons) will help you to make a right choice.



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Kitchen catalogue

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Kitchen furniture color option set "ORANGE" and "DARK WENGE"
id 3727
Kitchen furniture color option set "WENGE LIGHT" and "WENGE DARK"
id 3728
Kitchen furniture color option set "OLD TREE"
id 3731
Kitchen furniture color option set "VANILLA" and "ZEBRANO"
id 3732
Kitchen furniture color option set "EUCALYPTUS" and "METALLIC"
id 3733
Kitchen furniture color option set "OAK GERMANY"
id 3734
Kitchen furniture color option set "VANILLA" and "WENGE DARK"
id 3735
Kitchen furniture color option set "GREEN MAPLE"
id 3736
Kitchen furniture color option set "ASH"
id 3737
Kitchen furniture color option set "RED SATIN"
id 3738
Kitchen furniture color option set "VIOLET GLOSS"

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