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unique pocket springs?
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furniture with a guarantee?
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Sectional sofa-beds

id 3089
“HARMONYA” module sofa bed with the audio system
id 3090
“BREEZ” module sofa-bed (4+3+2)
id 3091
“CONSUL” module sofa-bed
id 3092
“CONSUL” module sofa bed with the audio system
id 3093
“HARMONYA” module sofa bed
id 3094
“CONSUL” corner module sofa-bed with the bar
id 3095
“HARMONYA” module sofa bed
id 3096
“NEAPOL” module sofa-bed with a recliner
id 3097
“NEAPOL” module sofa-bed with a recliner
id 3098
“NEAPOL” module sofa-bed
id 3099
“NEAPOL” module sofa-bed
id 3100
“PALERMO” module sofa-bed
id 3101
“PALERMO” module sofa-bed with a recliner
id 3102
“PALERMO” module sofa-bed
id 3103
“PALERMO” module sofa-bed

IMPORTANT! Before you start to get acquainted with upholstered furniture be sure to check what use are our specialty pocket springs. After all, the furniture should be not only beautiful, but comfortable and safe for your spine health.
We use pocket springs
elements soft sofas
and mattresses beds
The uniform load distribution between the springs and adaptive to the body silhouette
healthy holiday
new feeling of comfort
can withstand heavy loads
correct position of the
cervical vertebrae and head
comfortable shoulder
support for the lumbar
region and hips
anatomic support
the knee and ankle
natural foot position
Look at the benefits
of our pocket springs
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