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Buying the upholstery furniture (sofasbedsarmchairs), you pay attention mainly to the way it looks, its upholstery, shape – don’t you? Few people get into its inside, which matters much more than the color of upholstery.

In fact, the service life of upholstery furniture depends in many respects on the filler of upholstery furniture. You do not want to have your sofa deflected, but in nice upholstery in some years, do you?

So, what should you know when choosing upholstery furniture?

If you like the model, we recommend you to sit on it without fail – it’s the only way to understand, to feel, how comfortable it will be for you. Some factories often make such product, whose design looks good outside, but is totally inconsistent with the inner contents. Let’s exemplify: it happens, that there is foam-rubber of poor density and quality inside the main element (seat) of a sofa. Therefore, the place on which you mostly sit softens and it feels like you are sitting on a plank. Do you need this?

The seat of corner sofas, compact sofas and other upholstery furniture made by our factory, meets all the requirements of comfort and quality. Why? Because we install on our upholstery furniture:

  • zig-zag extension springs
  • non-woven stiffener
  • pocket springs
  • membrane
  • foam (density no less than 35kg/cu. m.)
  • hollow fiber (not padding polyester)
  • one more sealing non-woven material
  • and then – clothing

Therefore, we have such a complicated “layer-cake” and not the “flat cake” made hurry-skurry. We’ll talk about some of its components in a few words.

Spring block for upholstery furniture

The usual spring block of the “Bonnel” type, used by many factories, doesn’t prevent the deflection at all. We use the independent spring block of the Agro type, which fully excepts the deflection, made on the automatic line on our own. It is not its single advantage: Agro has clearly seen anatomic effect – a great adaptation to the body shape (because every single spring works separately and affects the separate spots of the body). Comfort is provided by a lot of springs (256 per square meter)

Currently it is number one block in the production of luxurious seats of sofas and armchairs.

Accordingly, its production cost is several times over the cost of a usual spring block (and especially foam rubber). Today there are very few factories, which use it in sofas because of high prices or use it only in elite models.

Foam and wood

In addition to such a complicated seat, we use more than 5 kinds of foam in production of upholstery furniture – unlike many market operators, which use the only one. Its softness and density changes according to place of use (seat, back or side panel).

We use such wood as Angara pine, cedar, elm. If we use plywood, we use only AA/BB or BB/BB grade birch plywood.

Upholstery for a sofa

Surely, the quality of the upholstery furniture fabric matters. In production, we use only certified cloths made in USA, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Israel and Turkey. We have been working with our suppliers for a very long time and have learned the quality of their goods from the first-hand experience. Currently there are more than 50 various kinds of clothing of more than 500 colors, prints and design in stock.

Wide range of product choice

Speaking of choice, we have more than 50 units of lounge furniture produced by our factory.
You must admit, that not every single store can offer you such a great range of corner sofas, small-sofas, sofa-beds, armchairs and other kinds of lounge furniture. Here you can find any kinds of lounge furniture: from simple, reasonably priced products of economy class to elite ones, from the classic design to the ultra-modern one.

Particularities in the price formation

Choosing upholstery furniture, you should understand, that it was produced using some of the best and the most expensive materials on complicated, expensive equipment – so it can’t be the cheapest one.

It should be noted, that the prices are on average the same as those set by other factories, or are higher by 10-15%. You can buy very expensive furniture that would be twice or three times more expensive than our furniture, but its design and inside would be the same. Probably, it would be high quality furniture, but why should you overpay to get the same as products we made? Only exclusive furniture made in a single copy can be really expensive.

IMPORTANT! Before you start to get acquainted with upholstered furniture be sure to check what use are our specialty pocket springs. After all, the furniture should be not only beautiful, but comfortable and safe for your spine health.
We use pocket springs
elements soft sofas
and mattresses beds
The uniform load distribution between the springs and adaptive to the body silhouette
healthy holiday
new feeling of comfort
can withstand heavy loads
correct position of the
cervical vertebrae and head
comfortable shoulder
support for the lumbar
region and hips
anatomic support
the knee and ankle
natural foot position
Look at the benefits
of our pocket springs
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