High level of a hardware, qualitative raw materials, qualified staff allow us to be engaged in production of furniture professionally. Production and sale of sliding wardrobes is a very labor-consuming business, demanding accuracy, because the slightest distortion would lead to waste.

Materials we use are of exclusive high-quality from plates of a chipboard, glasses mirrors, and finishing with systems of sliding doors. Our factory is distinguished favourably by wide color scale of materials, a variety of types and types of frame profiles, and fittings. The fittings are of the highest best quality only, because it depends on hooks, rollers, handles and loops how doors will open: by smooth sliding or by unpleasant breakthroughs.

All these factors influence safety of our buyers seriously. Imagine, what if this huge mirror door falls? Our work is a heavy responsibility for us. By the way, mirrors which we use by production of sliding wardrobes, are covered with special reinforced layer which will interfere with glass fall if it breaks incidentally. There will be no problems with our production.


Priorities by production of cabinets:

Qualitative materials only;
Fast production term;
18 months of guarantee;
Delivery can be provided.
We also react to any changes in the furniture market quickly. Today there are new materials and technologies and if it is necessary for our customers, we enter innovations into our range surely.

Choose a sliding wardrobe from furniture factory "Vostok-Mebel", and equip your home pad with comfort.



Фабрика «Восток-Мебель» | Продажа шкафов купе
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Sliding wardrobe
18 200 RUR
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Sliding wardrobe for an entry way № 3
16 000 RUR
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Corner sliding wardrobe
id 3679
Sliding wardrobe with corner sector
23 400 RUR

IMPORTANT! Before you start to get acquainted with upholstered furniture be sure to check what use are our specialty pocket springs. After all, the furniture should be not only beautiful, but comfortable and safe for your spine health.
We use pocket springs
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healthy holiday
new feeling of comfort
can withstand heavy loads
correct position of the
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comfortable shoulder
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anatomic support
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natural foot position
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