Today a dining table is a not only a working surface on which we cook food and have dinner. There we also do household chores, leaf through magazines, serve tea for guests... And there are tables intended for convenient placement which fit into complete kitchen harmoniously, for example, of a microwave oven or storage of necessary things. Perhaps, the most important character of a kitchen is a table. And it is not only about its external characteristics, design, and practical functions. Today the market offers the most various materials, forms, the sizes of dining tables. And there is not only an usual classical rectangle with wooden legs.




Producers of furniture offer the practical, occupying a minimum places and a maximum of functional loading tables sliding with a basket, the hidden box of smooth closing, tables for an oven and tables for a microwave oven. A dining round table, an oval table, and a transformer dining table are very popular with the Russian housewifes. It is great, that the choice is huge and there is an opportunity to study the catalog of kitchen furniture in online store slowly. Besides a table photo, it is possible to see here of what material it is made (wood, glass, plastic, metal), what its sizes, or what are table-top options (a glass dining table), its price, etc. In general, functionality of a dining table depends on the area of the room. If there is not a lot of place, a transformer dining table would become an excellent option. Especially if your family is large and hospitable.



The solid massive table would be right only when your kitchen is quite spacious. There are a lot of forms for dining tables.

It is great, if there are no acute edges, such as in round and oval tables. Both the child won't hit, and guests can be seated conveniently. By and large much more people can be placed at such table than at the usual square one. Of course, a rectangular table is the classics of a genre having its advantages. For example, it is much easier to combine with other furniture unlike a round/oval one. Dining tables with the plastic table-top having the most various options of color and drawing are also in demand. The edge of a table-top is chromeplated, the underframe is produced of laminated chipboard, and legs are made in the form of the chromeplated pipes with support which can be regulated on height.

Not to make the wrong choice of a dining table, it is necessary to provide what function it would have, to decide on the sizes. A dining table for the daily gathering of all family and a microwave table are two different things.


Kitchen is one of the favourite and the most visited places in the house. Exactly here all family gathers, and to the accompaniment of the sizzling potatoes and fragrant smells of a mother's cooking shares news, impressions of the last day. Therefore pay close attention to purchase of kitchen furniture. And we will help you in it!



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