Cabinet is just a necessary element for furnishing of any apartment or the house. They can be various: usual two-door cabinets, three-leaved cabinets, corner cabinet, etc.


Each model (design, filling) changes depending on the sizes of the room, a functional purpose, taste of the owner. For an entry way the compact, capacious furniture would become the optimum option. A sliding wardrobe is an excellent option for such purposes. The furniture for a drawing room has to be presentable, with effective finishing because it is a house body where you welcome guests.

A comfortable, modern wardrobe which is usually bought for a bedroom is absolutely other type of furniture. It reminds the wardrobe room with all conditions for ideal storage of clothes and bed linen, with a set of shelves, boxes, etc. The built-in bars allowing to store strict business suits and refined evening dresses in integrity and safety are provided in them.

The furniture factory "Vostok-Mebel" is engaged in production and sale of the most various types of cabinets giving certain privileges to customers:

Cabinets by the producer is an excellent opportunity to receive the product of excellent quality made on the most advanced technologies and the innovative equipment. Getting the furniture by known furniture factories, you are sure of quality of production.
The huge range (the various sizes, forms, textures, color scale, finishing) gives the chance to find furniture for any design of the room.
The mass production allows to reduce the prices of finished products considerably, having kept invariable the quality of production.


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Four-folding cabinet
25 500 RUR
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Three-leaved cabinet
20 000 RUR
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Bookcase (with glass)
9 500 RUR
id 3675
6 900 RUR

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