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204, Kalinina St., Vladivostok, Russia
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Each of us seeks to make the coziest internal space of the house. Casegoods (cabinets, chest of drawers, file cabinets, shelves, etc.) allow the person to use space rationally, to spread out thousands of trifles systematically, in the places where they can always be found quickly.

Сasegoods always fits into any interior harmoniously. With its help it is possible to change any room cardinally, to zone it, "to reconstruct" it in a new way.

By production of casegoods the VOSTOK-MEBEL factory emphasizes the production of comfortable, save, and inexpensive models. Therefore the sales market of our furniture grows and extends constantly. What is a success secret?

We produce MDF facades by ourselves. By their production the German plates and PVC layers made in Germany and South Korea are used. It is the most popular type of facades and, in fact, many producers of furniture order the facades by us. By production milling and other fine operations of facades are performed on the woodworking center with CNC. And the wide color scale of PVC layers allows any customer to choose the most suitable option. At the request of the customer MDF facades except a wood one (beech, alder, cherry, maple, nut and oak) can be executed in other color scales.

At factory the line for pasting of chipboards (for veneering with the rolled layer materials with use the rolling press and the subsequent hardening of a glue layer) is set and functions successfully.

For reduction of prime cost of products (tables, dress cases, sliding wardrobes, etc.) many producers of furniture use paper when gluing a flake. We apply only the PVC layer which floats furniture very strongly. And it is glued on the flake-glued German equipment of BRANDT firm.

Because there are sufficient current assets we are enable to buy all materials and fittings in bulk from large suppliers at exclusively low prices.

Now the production line on sharp, emerizing and polishing of glass according to the most strict European standards is started at factory. It will allow to make the curvilinear facet on a mirror and to use bilateral drilling.

The modern furniture fashion provides the use of glass and mirrors in production of casegoods even more often, especially for production of furniture for a drawing room — show-windows, cabinets, graceful coffee tables, sliding wardrobes, etc.

All above-mentioned factors reduce prime cost considerably, and consequently also the selling cost of furniture we make. Thus the quality of our production doesn't suffer. For example, at assembly of casegoods we use eccentric couplers and dowels. Unlike the euroscrew, the eccentric coupler allows to collect and sort furniture repeatedly without damage of durability of all design.

All products by "VOSTOK-MEBEL" are certified. Choosing our furniture, you choose quality.

IMPORTANT! Before you start to get acquainted with upholstered furniture be sure to check what use are our specialty pocket springs. After all, the furniture should be not only beautiful, but comfortable and safe for your spine health.
We use pocket springs
elements soft sofas
and mattresses beds
The uniform load distribution between the springs and adaptive to the body silhouette
healthy holiday
new feeling of comfort
can withstand heavy loads
correct position of the
cervical vertebrae and head
comfortable shoulder
support for the lumbar
region and hips
anatomic support
the knee and ankle
natural foot position
Look at the benefits
of our pocket springs
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